3-important-seo-puzzleSEO does not happen by itself, but something that is achieved by doing certain things religiously by the team. There are many different marketing techniques that render sure results like the following:

  1. PPC or Pay per click automatically increases your visibility on the Search Engine.
  2. Email marketing increases the visibility of your business amongst the recipients.
  3. Content Strategy can greatly help marketing the content that is available on your site.

But the way SEO works is completely different. To get the desired results like visibility from SEO, there are certain things that primarily needed to be carried out that would indirectly trigger the results like brand awareness, traffic etc. As SEO only helps the indexing of the content in your site is well organized as well help you in enhancing your targeting efforts, which in turn will help increase your site ranking. However, if you want to yield better and clear results from SEO, the following three teams should function properly.

Completely obligated Leadership Team: It is of paramount importance to have leadership Team support your business investments and you should ensure that your marketing team is in sync with your leadership team. This is very important for a making a wise decision. For an example if your organization is trying to buy links in order to increase the visibility. While an SEO expert will never suggest doing this, if done can cost you penalties from both Penguin and Panda.

Web Development Team: It is very important to have a good platform as well as a web development team that monitor changes in the websites and make choices that would positively affect the SEO. Since identifying SEO challenges in a smaller business is a lot easier and changes can be done in a jiffy. However, when it’s a big organization that trying to change something, it is important to careful consider several factors before the changes are executed.

Content management Team: yes, they play a vital role in posting content that has value regularly on to the website. They need to ensure that the content is beneficial to the users or visitors of the site. As well observed by many, only quality content can help you achieve your SEO targets as well as help your team win.

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