Your company's missing out if you aren't taking part in brand bidding!

Brand bidding is when a company or individual wants to have their ads appear on another website when certain terms are being searched. For example, a soup company bids on the “Campbell’s” brand name. So, when someone searches for Campbell’s products, their company’s ad will also show up as well. There are many reasons as to why bidding on a specific brand is a good idea. Here’s why:

  1. Bidding on a brand gives you more control over how your company will be portrayed. You have the option of choosing a brand that is closely related to your own product or business concept.
  2. You can compete better with your competitors and partners. By bidding on a brand, you are giving yourself the option on which website you want to be seen on. It also gives you more exposure to customers who are already searching for the same thing that you’re offering.
  3. It may cost less money for you to bid on a brand. Usually, in terms of marketing, it is cheaper for traffic to come your way by branded clicks than not. This can also improve your account health overall. The more clicks you have, the better-quality score you will receive.
  4. Brand bidding can compensate for lacking SEO. If you aren’t getting the traffic you want through search optimization, then brand bidding can mostly make up for it by getting traffic elsewhere. The important thing is that traffic is coming to your page and you are getting noticed by others.
  5. Diminish or lessen negative feedback. Being able to push away negative content published by others about your brand is something that you will most likely want to do. With brand bidding you can push this content down, hopefully decreasing the amount of people who see it.
  6. Gain access to unintended audiences. By using different keywords along with your brand name, you may find that you are receiving traffic from target audiences that you were previously not aware of.
  7. Being able to benefit from a bigger competitor’s brand name. This works extremely well if you are a start-up or a lesser known company. This is probably one of the better ways of directing traffic to your page, especially if you are offering something that your competitors may not be.

All in all, this can do wonders for your company or organization in terms of branding yourself. Get yourself out there on the market and make yourself known. You control who you want to be branded with and how you want others to see you with PPC brand bidding. It is a great concept for both the big and little guys so it’s a win-win situation. Try it and see how your company improves!

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