Pages deemed as fake news will no longer be able to use Facebook ads

Fake news is taking over the internet, and social media sites have decided to try countering the effects of these illegitimate articles. Facebook, in particular, will soon double down to prevent the widespread sharing of false information. In what many are considering a social media marketing twist, the social media giant will ban any page that is deemed as publishing fake news.

From now on, Facebook pages that are caught consistently posting fabricated news content will be banned from the social networking site altogether. This plays into the recently created rule that requires the blocking of ads that have been deemed false by multiple fact-checkers. These two new policies are expected to combat the misinformation crisis the digital world is currently facing.

The new guidelines created specifically to curb fake news are also being put into place to eliminate the profits the illegitimate sources are gaining from the content’s circulation. Typically, these sources use ads to promote their content, but if they’re spotted collecting followers through these ads to give provide them with ongoing false information, they will be banned from using Facebook ads until they prove they are regularly producing truthful content.

This process isn’t just about the money and discouragement of fake news production and content marketing; it’s also about turning internet users away from mindlessly consuming any media they come across. Thinking critically, verifying points with outside sources, and examining opposing opinions are all important components of being a smart media consumer. False information is suspected to have largely contributed to the outcome of the latest US presidential election, which is part of the reason why it needs to be stopped.

Although Facebook is the main culprit for fake news sharing, other social media sites have fallen victim to it as well, and will hopefully take action if the problem worsens. For now, Facebook is on its own in the battle for new honesty.

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