How to get around marketing restrictions

If you’re part of a large company, you know that meeting all of the requirements in an approved way can be tricky. You often need verification from marketing and legal groups, on top of getting around many other obstacles. Simplify the process by putting a few things into place.

Create a genuine connection with your company’s decision makers so they can give the go-ahead for your company’s marketing strategies and activities quickly and easily. Make yourself an honest, likeable component of the team, and once you’ve gained their trust, start offering your ideas while still maintaining a casual relationship.

Unfortunately, a simple marketing pitch isn’t good enough - you need evidence that those ideas will benefit all parties involved. Email your decision makers accurate articles or reports that support your suggestion or marketing strategy pitch. Be ready to counter any objections they may have to your plan. When they see the value in your proposal, they’ll make a decision faster and with more knowledge of the situation.

Take the time to explain that you can’t properly do your part without their help. This reinforces their importance and increases the chances that they’ll side with you. However, if your idea is satisfactory, it probably won’t come to fruition. Be confident that your idea is valuable and show your decision makers successful past results of your earlier ideas that were approved.

Choose tasks that can be done in a reasonable amount of time and don’t require much verification when they’re complete. Focus on things like influencer engagement, technical website changes, social media posts, paid search ads, and testimonial requests. Always give your decision makers a realistic ending date to account for any system malfunctions or human errors you may come across.

Most larger corporations have to deal with legal and financial teams quite frequently. These teams will prioritize a job well done over a job quickly done, so be prepared to wait for responses from them. If you try to rush the process, you’ll only stress yourself out and end up disappointed. Using phone calls as your primary source of communication can cut down on the time it takes for your legal and financial decision makers to approve of ideas.

Keep the line of communication open at all times. Consistently meeting your decision makers in person prevents the content of any discussions from being misconstrued and helps you both come to a conclusion faster. Talk to them about using different methods of reaching your customers. If you aren’t having much success with email marketing, take to social media or article writing instead.

Finally, accept that your work will never be perfect, and even if it’s close to it, your idea may not get the approval you were expecting. Focus on getting the job done to the best of your ability, not producing a perfect product. If it doesn’t pass the test, move on to something else. Bumps in the road are inevitable and hard to get past, but if you choose the right car, your drive will be a lot smoother.

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