Should You Translate Your WebsiteCurrently 55% of global website content is in English, meaning that you might want to consider translating your website into at least one more language. For example, if you sell your products and services nationwide—translating into French may improve your conversions in Quebec. Below are a few reasons to consider a custom website design that translates your website into more than one language.

You May Be Required To

Before you expand your brick and mortar location to a new region or country, you must check the local linguistic regulations to see if you are required to translate your related website into the local language. Quebec for example requires a French website for local brick and mortar locations.

Target A New Local Market

Even if English is the primary language, research both your target audience and your overall service area to see what the secondary languages are. In fact, this is an excellent method of hyper-targeting your demographic. Odds are that you may be one of few businesses in your industry or service area with a translated website—meaning that you may capture a larger percentage of your non-English speaking locals.

Drastically Increase Your Online Traffic

There are multiple ways in which translating your website into multiple languages can increase your online traffic:

  • Diversify keywords with multiple languages
  • Improve page rank by dominating local foreign language search results
  • Diversify marketing by targeting secondary languages
  • More languages means more pages, more pages means more quality content—and organic traffic

You Don’t Even Need A Second Website

No need to worry about managing a website for each language you want to target. Instead, you can allow your website visitors to select the language they prefer once they arrive—or the country, and therefore desired language your visitor speaks. Your custom website designer will help you to determine the most effective approach.

As long as you select the appropriate languages, translating your website is likely to have an immediate positive impact on your organic search results.

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