Why You Still Need A Sales WebsiteEven If You Sell on eBay Amazon Or EtsyIf you sell your handcrafted or wholesale products on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or any other third-party sales site, you should still consider launching your own website. Even if your sales are high on your third-party site, you can drastically increase your sales by working with a professional website development company to create your own signature website.

Make More Money Per Sale

As convenient as it is to list and sell your products on your third-party sales site, you must pay a fee for each of your sales-both to the sales site and to your payment processor. However, when you sell direct, your profits per sale are significantly increased. In fact, you may be able to sell your products for less on your website and still make more money.

Driving Traffic From Your Third-Party Site To Your Website

Some of third-party sales sites do not allow you to include direct contact information in your profile, but you can certainly include your business card with your direct email and website or print them out on your packing slip. You can further brand and drive traffic to your signature website by naming your third-party sales site the same name as your website as many web-savvy customers will search for you elsewhere. Do the same with your social media profiles.

Expand Your Marketing Options

While you can certainly market your third-party online store, your internet marketing options are limited. However, your signature website can be marketed a variety of ways. It can also be used to build high quality backlinks to and from your website, social profiles, content, and even your third-party sales site.

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