Snapchat May Win This Mobile App Race After AllThe real-time sports social media race definitely started to heat up this week after Snapchat announced that they would be adding more geofilters during the NFL and NBA games. Just last week, Live Score geofilters saw 20 million views from 51 different games. With NFL's Super Bowl and NBA's All Star weekend just around the corner it does not come as a surprise that snapshot is yet again ahead of the race secretly partnering up with to offer these new geofilters.

Some of you may be asking, what are geofilters? Geofilters are filter overlays that share where you are. They are specific to neighborhoods and special locations. While the unique designs of Geofilters will change from place to place, users can find them in a few big cities around the world to start. The new sports geofilters actually let anyone attending these events overlay real-time updated score graphics on top their photos and videos too!

Some of you may be asking why are they doing this? This answer is simple, it's because snapshot lets you post in a way other social media platform do not! Users are engaging with snapchat in a very modern way. Traditionally speaking, those who continuous post can be deemed as annoying and obnoxious, but because of how snapchat is designed it actually gives the viewer the choice of whether or not they want to view someones snaps. This means only people who are actively looking for your updates will really see them thus allowing the user to post every moment of their day without a droplet of shame. If others find themselves getting tired of user's constant game-day snaps, they can simply skip through them or ignore them altogether. Oh, and there's also a large population who do not necessarily care for the sports hype, but do not mind the fan experience. Snapchat is banking big on these people too. The kind who may not want to go to all star game, but wouldn't mind seeing someone's snap from day to end. It's more fun, its more personable and its working for snapchat!

This again brings us back to the importance of bettering your user experience and utilizing an engagement strategy to generate more sales or advertising revenue. Let's face it folks, things like Mobile app advertising are no longer a trade secret. It is our reality, so we must be ready to bend and turn with it as it evolves as well, one geofilter at a time.


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