How to choose SEO keywords that will draw in your audience like never before.

Keywords have long been the focus of SEO and digital marketing. Although it’s important to know which terms users are typing into the search bar, it’s equally important to determine how many of these users are actually willing to buy from you. Just because lots of people search one of your keywords doesn’t mean they’ll all turn into loyal customers. This is a thought that tends not to cross the minds of inexperienced marketers.

It’s easy to plug in a series of often-searched keywords that relate to your business, but to truly benefit, you need to know the motives behind the searches that include those keywords. The users submitting them may not be looking for the products or services you provide; they may even be looking for something in a different industry altogether. Below is a collection of tools you can use to improve at SEO keyword targeting.

Do you truly know your audience? It’s essential to take note of the interests, opinions, and behaviours the majority of your audience members share. The best way to discover these things is to interact with your followers on social media. Reply to their comments, answer their questions, observe their actions, and reach out to them in any way you can. You will then have a starting point for more accurately determining which keywords they actually use.

If you’ve exhausted that approach, look for advanced keyword search tools that you haven’t yet tried. Every good marketer knows about and frequently uses the basics, but going beyond that will only narrow things down and make it easier for you to get your information to the people who need it. There are a number of tools like Social Searcher, Seed Keywords, and Demographics Pro that can pinpoint which social media posts the keyword you’ve searched can be found in.

From there, you can arrange the places in which your keywords are being used in the way that best suits your needs. By analyzing these places, you learn how the keywords were used and why the poster used them, thus discovering the true motive behind them. Although this is somewhat possible with the social media approach, it’s much easier done this way with tools like SEMRush, SEOToolSet, and Ahrefs.

Of course, keywords are rarely searched on their own. Usually, they’re only one part of a question the user types into the search engine. This is becoming even more common with the rising popularity of voice searches completed with mobile devices. Answer the Public and BuzzSumo’s recently added Question Analyser can show you recently asked questions that contain your keywords so you can see how they’re being used. This is a crucial step in choosing which SEO keywords to include in your content; you may be targeting a different audience than you thought you were.

Digital marketing tools make the process of choosing keywords that your potential customers are using much simpler than it was before. Pick the tools that benefit your company and get noticed by your real audience.

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