Joomla CMS Website DesignJoomla is an advanced and effective content management system for all of your online development needs. The interesting part about Joomla CMS is that even an average user with no technical knowledge about HTML coding can manage the website content using the system. This is one of the major benefits Joomla CMS for its popularity. It is simple to install. It’s easy to create new pages or add to the existing ones to a website with less effort. Joomla can be used to design any kind of websites, from small magazines to large entrepreneur websites or any e-commerce website.

EdenPhost is a leading Joomla website design Toronto company that undertakes Joomla web design services including development, setup and maintenance. We offer our services at a very competitive price. Our professional Joomla web developer can provide simple solutions for all your complex web design needs. We are always there to assist you with all your online business needs.

You are aware that your website represents your brand and it is the first thing to be seen by the visitors. Our Joomla CMS web design service is designed to make your brand recognized online.

At our Joomla web development company, we make it easy for you to update the web pages. You don’t have to wait for an appointment with your web design company for frequent updates; you and your staff can easily handle this.

You can do a lot other things with the Joomla tool. You can add new pages or remove existing ones, insert pictures, update your event organizer, update the price of your products or modify menu items. Of course, if you don’t have enough time to make the changes, we can take care of it for you. We believe that a content management system promotes our clients’ business.

  1. Easy maintenance
    Any non-technically minded user can quickly and easily write and publish content online without having to spend much time on learning coding.
  2. Supports Multiple users
    In a business, multiple users can have access to your website. Joomla CMS takes care that only those users permitted by you have access to publish and the content finally goes live only after your approval.
  3. Mobile-friendly
    The Joomla CMS web design automatically makes your website compatible across devices such as tablets, smartphones and smaller browser windows.
  4. Remote access
    You can control your website from anywhere provided you have a good internet connection.
  5. Search-engine friendly
    The Joomla CMS is search engine friendly. The meta tags for each pages can be entered from back end. The url structure can be made SEO friendly.
  6. Total control
    Overall, it offers you complete control over your website.
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