Now that so much of the world has gone virtual, it’s easy for just about anyone with access to wifi to make a bit of extra cash. Sneaky scams aside, there are many ways you can add to your salary through the services offered by the internet.

Blogging is a great way to make money online. Buying a domain name and a service package from a blog building site doesn’t cost much, and you can start blogging as soon as you’ve purchased the necessary equipment. If you choose the blog route, you’ll want to write about interesting topics to draw in as many people as possible. After your blog has gained a significant amount of traffic, monetize it through sponsors, advertisers, or affiliate commissions. Depending on your blog’s content, it may benefit more from one monetization option than another.

If you know a lot about a certain topic but don’t like the idea of blogging, try putting together books, videos, or items that people can purchase to learn more about that topic. You can do this alongside blogging, as well, promoting your materials on your business website and in your articles. Putting in the effort and properly advertising these products is sure to bring in some cash. Autoresponders can make the process easier, collecting the email addresses of interested customers and sending them a series of marketing emails.

Consider earning royalties if your talent falls into the arts category, like writing, singing, dancing, acting, or drawing. You’ll earn some money every time an outside source uses your talents or original content. Similarly, if you have a passion for creating physical items, you can sell those items on eBay, Etsy, or Amazon, letting the site you choose handle transactions and shipping details.

For those who have superior knowledge of certain subjects and a decent following, you can create a membership community that allows people to sign up and collect information that isn’t given to outsiders. Your followers become members for a small monthly price to access your exclusive content, which can earn you thousands of extra dollars every month.

Do you have an already-successful website or a frequently-empty property on your hands? Sell your website or rent out your property to customers through an online service like Airbnb or Kijiji. If you’re looking for something a bit more high-risk, invest in stocks to receive part of the profits gained by the companies you choose. With the right selection and enough time, you could be earning hundreds or thousands from investments alone.

If you’re not too keen on the above options, join a lending system and create an interest rate that suits your needs or hire a middleman to provide your customers with a more complex service. Both choices require little work from you and still generate extra income.

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