With the increase in the number of people using the mobile devices in the last couple of years, Search engine optimization will take a new dimension in the way it operates. While many are expecting the users to simply search in the websites using their mobile devices for the things they needed, it will be surprising for you to know that people are not really interested in spending time, searching App Stores or Websites for information, they are mostly interested in spending time on social media apps and playing games or watching videos. If there is a specific need, they are using Apps that can help them meet the needs. Example: Users prefer using apps like UBER to book a taxi instead of figuring out how to get a Taxi from a place that is not familiar. The average user is not looking for complexity, but just simplicity and is expecting important data spoon fed to him making necessary for a change in the way SEO’s function.

Now SEO’s are planning to introduce Contextual based app-discovery engines. For an example, Google is planning to have their search engines modified in order to allow the users not only locate web pages when a search is performed but, also provides them with the appropriate content which is in the app. For example, if your search is to shop for clothes, Google will not only provide web pages from Amazon but will also display you the Amazon app link.

Since the Internet Marketing has changed its course, it is necessary for the businesses that use apps to actually index them. With the development of Wearable devices that monitor your location, your heart rate etc. Customers will now have greater experiences if the content is properly indexed. Website promotions can also be done very easily using this data.

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