future of wordpressSince the time, WordPress is released back in 2003, it has enhanced its’ speed, size as well as user capability. With almost 39,000 plugins which are offered to the end users, WordPress is doing pretty well right now, with an open source community as well as the users having the access to great themes, it is turned out to be an outstanding CMS, which is almost used by 22% of the websites. It is by itself a tremendous and an outstanding achievement. While WordPress is doing great, what exactly will be the destiny of it in the future? This is a very interesting question. Below is a synopsis of what can happen to WordPress development extracted from the views of various prominent WordPress community members, which will provide us with a glimpse of what can actually transpire at a future date.

UI Development: Mike Little, who is the co-founder of the WordPress, indicated that WordPress development team will soon focus on UI/ User Interface development. WooCommerce, AppPresser as well as Happytables are a proof of this statement, WordPress development team is doing everything possible to make the UI simpler and easier to use than ever before.

WordPress is not limited to Blogging: As already seen in the recent years, WordPress is now not only limited to Blogging, but it is noticed that they are entering into various fields like e-commerce websites as well as membership sites, mobile applications etc. With WordPress development that is consistent just like the Joomla platform and also with the new fields being occupied by WordPress almost every other day; soon, WordPress will become a powerful website as well as blog and application creator.

Enticing the Developers: WordPress development team is doing its’ best to remove the perception from the developers’ mind that it is not an interesting platform to work on. They want to attract more and more JavaScript Developers to help boost the platform so that they can build sites using the WordPress.

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