wordpress joomlaWhile both the WordPress Development as well as Joomla Development is CMS Platforms initiated to meet similar needs of the clients. Yet they have their own peculiarities that set them apart. Here are some of the differences that are noted from the end users point of view:

  • Interface: WordPress Interface looks great when compared to the Joomla interface and the end users might get attracted to it based on its looks like Font Size, the location of option box etc. However, Joomla kind of backs of in terms of interface. However, once understood can clearly be of great use and very simple to operate. Hence, it is very important to get a training in case you are using Joomla interface so that you are much aware of its functionality. If you are to award the platform based on the looks only, WordPress Development definitely wins the race.
  • Flexibility and Adoptability: While many things are not easy to be done in WordPress unless you know which plugin to use in order to enable the function. With Joomla Development, it can be done very easily including the change of themes, and the way Title is displayed etc. With Joomla development, you can do more wonders than that is possible in WordPress Development and pretty soon can beat WordPress Development.
  • Blogs: WordPress is a leader and a Pioneer when it comes to blogging and Joomla does even come near to compare. While the answer is pretty simple, WordPress has come into existence because of Blogging and they have and are doing well in maintaining their reputation as experts in this particular sphere. While features such as page archives, sidebars etc. can be done in just a few minutes in WordPress, With Joomla, you need access to third party plugins and lot of homework to be done before these features are activated.
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