Comparative study of Woocommerce (WordPress Development) and Virtuemart (Joomla Development)

Choosing the correct e-commerce platform (CMS) is not really an easy task but needs a lot of research before the decision is made. Many businesses today are now considering for a very complex solution in order to run their business successfully. This might be the main reason for the organizations in looking towards content management systems (CMS’s) like WordPress Development services or Joomla Development services in order to build the websites. Content managements systems allow the organization in editing, controlling the content that is posted on the system as well as provide with statistical reports that help the organizations understand the user behaviour patterns etc. By adding the extensions of the shopping cart , you will soon be able to build store online From Joomla, virtue mart is the most prominent extension and the most prominent extension in many of the extension WordPress developed is Woo Commerce.

Virtue Mart: when building a website using Joomla Development services, using virtue mart which is a free open source platform which is based on the PHP. It is in the market for many years now and has gained its name as well client base over the years. The main reason why it is trusted over other platforms is its multi-functionality, steadiness and for the ease in which it can be used in customization. Consistent upgrades help it in catching up with new developments.

Woo Commerce: This is one of the famous plugin launched by WordPress, even though it is released only in 2011. It is created by one of the well-known theme creators in WordPress called Woo Themes. Hence, the reason behind its popularity is easily understood.

Both of these extensions are very easy to install as well as very to use. It doesn’t require much professional skill or expertise in handling them. Both of these extensions give you an access to both HTML and CSS. While Woo Commerce gives you the option of a simple templating system, Virtue Mart which is almost 10 years in this industry, gives you templates that might fit well to your business needs.

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