comparison-of-joomla-and-wordpressIt will be really surprising for you to note that if you have to search with the phrase “Joomla vs WordPress” in Google, it will return back to you with more than 3,800,000-page results. There are many people out there who wanted to better understand the advantages as well as disadvantages of both Joomla Development as well as WordPress Development. We would like to provide a quick sneak peek into the pros as well as cons of both of these great CMS’s platforms that are available.

1. Usability – Joomla Development Vs WordPress Development:

The traditional wisdom states that the learning curve required to master Joomla CMS is longer than it needs to master WordPress CMS. In this case, the traditional statement is correct. Whereas developers who use WordPress development find the usage of this CMS more user-friendly and easy to operate especially, also since the templates can be divided into PHP coding which in turn can be further divided to sections such as header, footer etc. Since WordPress can help customize a great website in just a few minutes, it is well preferred. However, if you would like to put in some extra time and effort in learning Joomla Development, That can definitely help in enhancing your knowledge.

2. Versatility - Joomla Development Vs WordPress Development:

When it comes to the terms of versatility, even though WordPress development can be used to create great websites, Joomla Development takes the championship. While WordPress can be a great platform in order to create a blog. Joomla if mastered can be a great platform to create any other website other than a blog.

3. SEO Benefits:

While Joomla has a bad reputation in SEO especially in terms of creating bad URLs, duplicate content as well as worst title pages, there are some solutions to overcome these challenges. However, WordPress has a better reputation in terms of SEO compared to Joomla.

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