How Topical Links can Influence SEO RankingsSEO’s very well understand the impact links can play in order to boost up the SEO ranking in the search engines. Links can be considered as the votes of the popularity of a site on the search engines. While the trustworthiness, spamminess and link manipulations play a pivotal role in boosting up or declining your site SEO ranking. However, the most important signal that the search engineers use nowadays to identify if the web page is worthwhile is to check the topical significance. They analyse the topical links to determine what exactly a website is dealing with. Listed below are some of the concepts that help you understand how an SEO rank can affect

  • Authority: In the initial days of the google, Larry Page figured out one of the best ways to rank the site. It is done using the expert page links. Expert page links usually connect to many other topically significant pages. If a page is linked to many other expert pages, that particular page is considered as an authority over that topic and can rank high.
  • Anchor Text: Links usually provide a lot of information. For an example, if we consider a link about “Chicken Sandwich”, the pages you might link with might be about sandwich or chicken. Thus linking with appropriate content can help boost your SEO Ranking .
  • The golden Question: While the above concepts might seem little complicated. As a layman, you should not worry about it much, however, what you should worry is to first analyse by asking yourself the following question on link building, which is considered as the Golden question. “Can this link help me in bringing engaged as well as the most qualified visitors to our website?”

Google patents and papers were created in order to help the best websites rank well in the SEO without showing any discrimination to a particular website.

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