jack of all tradesWhile it is true that WordPress has already crossed over 12 years since it has initiated and is going forth with the same vigour which it had during its’ initial days. It is not shocking to know that more than 47% of the websites that use CMS usually prefer to build their sites using WordPress Development. While it is traditionally true that the WordPress initially only dealt with Blogs, It has now evolved and is not only concerned with the blogs but even more. WordPress is covering new horizons that did not even exist. Because of the vast benefits, many developers are preferring to build sites using the WordPress Development.

Plugins: While WordPress is still the primary choice when it comes to blogging. What has really helped it in evolving? Yes, of course, the plugins have taken WordPress further into new digital spheres. Third party popular plugins like WooCommerce as well as WPMU Membership etc. which is allowing WordPress entering into new undertakings like e-commerce development, SaaS or as most commonly known as Software as a Service, Social networking etc.

One Size for all: Many e-commerce, Social Media and other sites are taking complete advantage in building websites using WordPress Development. Right now, though WordPress is not on the top of all the tasks it is undertaking. In future, it is definitely not impossible for WordPress to become the top web operating system. Hence, right now, they are really Jack of all the things.

Blog: While it is true that WordPress Development helped it to explore beyond its’ limits and venturing new regions, it has not left Blogging aside but consistently improving the user experience as well as introducing new features that are beneficial to the users. While they have not mastered all other regions, they have been indisputable champions when it comes to Blogging platform. It might take longer for other blogging platforms to even come nearer to where WordPress is now.

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