Are you still pondering whether to continue using the same website design or thinking of completely rebuilding your website? Does your website needs a fresh appearance or only needed updated graphics? Are the functions provided on the website work correctly and is it mobile responsive? Smaller issues can be fixed with a simple change in the template and website design, whereas websites that have major issues can be fixed by reconstruction and redesigning. You have to assess the following five elements before making that decision:

  1. SEO Features: Before redesigning your website, it is recommended that you first check if the existing SEO on your website is working efficiently. This will help you determine whether you should consider a change at this level. To do a proper check, the following items should be examined:
    • Examine, if rich keywords are used in both H1 and the H2 tags.
    • Check if the google analytic coding is applied on your system and also check if you are able to monitor both bounce and traffic rates.
    • Check if the Social media sharing option is enabled on your site. Ensure that the web site Agency you select is an expert in SEO, as this will help increase the incoming traffic on your website.
  2. Website Design: After the evaluation, if you feel that your site is still inadequate and you feel there should be some minor changes made. Consider replacing the website design to better the end users experience and increase their time spent on your site. Also, study your competitor’s sites to see what they are doing well and try to emulate the same on your site.
  3. Mobile Responsive: Since many people are using mobile devices and this might only increase in the future. Ensure that your website is mobile-responsive, if not include that in your website design. This will help in increasing your ranking and visibility.
  4. Content: if you are maintaining a separate site for blogs, plan to transfer the data to your redesigned website as this will increase the viability of the site. Also, consider including Content Management System in place, if your site does not have one.
  5. Speed: Most of the visitors will leave your site when the pages take very long time in loading. There might be many factors that might be causing you this trouble. Ensure that your site is thoroughly checked to locate the actual reason and take appropriate action to remove it.
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