joomla-or-wordress-which-one-of-this-is-betterWordPress development is used by almost 23% of the websites across the globe. However, it should be noted that there is another open source software like WordPress in the market which is known as Joomla Development. While there are things that are common in these two Content management systems, it should also be noted that there are some peculiarities that make them unique.

Similarities in Joomla Development and WordPress Development:These two content management systems have many things that are similar in terms of technology as well as the philosophy and community. Below is a list of similarities in these two CMS platforms.

  1. Both of these CMS’s are written using the PHP.
  2. Both of these CMS’s use themes as well as templates in bettering the visual appearance of the sites. However, clients can download plugins. Modules as well as extensions in order to extend the features.
  3. Both of these open source platforms have communities that support the software.

While there are many things that are common in all these two sources, there are many differences in terms of usage policies, especially in the way security as well as modules, and templates function. It should be noted that this creates a major impact on the way the websites function.

WordPress Development: WordPress promises a simple 5-minute installation, which allows the user to install WordPress in a jiffy and build a great website. The best part about WordPress is also the user experience and near perfect interface that provides the users with easy menus which can be used to create posts, as well as pages and they, can also with ease customize both the themes and the appearance. This is one of the reasons WordPress development services is greatly preferred by web development firms. WordPress is largely preferred for blogging for its array of features that support blogging functionality.

Joomla Development:Joomla takes a little longer in installing, however, there are some hosting providers who offer one-click installations as well. Besides installation, Menus are not that easy to navigate when compared to WordPress. However, many of the Joomla fans are comfortable with the menu structure. However when compared to WordPress, Joomla menus are way too complicated for beginners. Joomla is largely preferred for content management system for its host of features that support CMS functionality.

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