all-about-wordpressWordPress Development is one of the most preferred mediums in web development. After releasing WordPress 4.3, WordPress launched its newer version 4.4. We will discuss below the exclusive features that the WordPress has included in its new version.

Twenty Sixteen: From 2010, WordPress ensured that they have default themes for each year and they have not broken the tradition. They have launched a new default theme for 2016 called “Twenty Sixteen”. While the theme has not deviated from the traditional setup or blog layout having the sidebar as well as the content area. This particular design mainly focuses on readability as well as the stylish design. It supports around 5 Colour Schemes which are the default and the users also have the option to create new colour schemes. Apart from this, it provides two menu locations, in which one is provided to help with the site navigation and the second one to support the social links. WordPress development teams will really appreciate this default theme released.

Responsive Images: While many websites may not be able to afford mobile responsive site development to cater the users using various devices. One of the main concerns that are taken care by WordPress 4.4 is that it displays images as per the features or capabilities available on a mobile. It uses the secret attribute to tackle this. This will remove all the problems that are encountered while accessing the website using the mobile devices.

Embeds: WordPress 4.4 is a real good tool for WordPress development as it provides the best embeds wherein the WordPress users can seamlessly embed videos as well as tweets, and can also embed Facebook status updates just by entering the site address or the URL in the post. This is absolutely marvellous as this feature was not this extensive before.

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