What exactly is responsive site development or web design?

Responsive site development eradicates the need of multiple versions of a site. That means no matter what device, the visitor is using to access your website like a mobile phone, tablet or a personal computer, he will not miss the content that is offered in the website.

Why your site needs a responsive site development?

Mobile Response site development can slice down both the web maintenance as well as the content creation. Listed below are the ways it will help the SEO:

Usability: Since, Google wants to help its users reach an appropriate site based on their search. When the searcher leaves your site immediately after he landed there and returns back to Google to search for the same item, Google makes a record of it and also will assume that your site is not appropriate for that particular search term. Most of the return visitors who might be visiting your site on a mobile device after using it on a desktop version can get very discouraged, if your mobile site looks different considerably as well as has very less content compared to the regular site . When this happens, you will lose around 61% of the visitors, as they will go to Google to find a site which is compatible to their devices. This will definitely hamper your Google Ranking Ranking: Google Ranks sites that have responsive web designs, as they provide an enhanced experience for users on mobile devices. Hence, it is worthwhile to note that just in case your site is not optimized for Mobile or Tablet usage, you will see a considerable dip in the bounce rate when visitors are using these devices. But it is worthwhile to note that if your site has responsive web design, you will have an increased visit.

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