web-design-in-2016Web 2.0 look has been popular for some time now and now most of the businesses and firms are still preferring to web 2.0 in web development, even though web 2.0 is evolving however what this indicates is that most of the webs are filled with cooker cutter websites. While this should not be a big issue. However, it is pretty awkward to see two different businesses who are into sales of different products and services still using similar web designs, themes etc. Web development is a crucial part in business and web developers should follow the following methods in order to build better websites in the year 2016

Being Human: We humans are more prone to act emotionally with everything that surrounds us like things, people and websites etc. Our response varies depending on the various themes and designs. It should be strongly noted that an aesthetic design might attract or repel people. Since visual interaction plays a huge role, during the web development, developers should take utmost care while designing themes and style.

Design that is meaningful: It should be noted that design of a website is the crux of web development. As the proverb “First Impression is the Best Impression” clearly explains, the theme, design as well as the imaginary and typography convey a lot more than we presume. It will tell if you are caring, fun loving or friendly. Carefully crafted designs and themes can attract target audiences like age groups, sexes or cultural groups. Hence, proper care should be taken in designing during the web development .

Web development in 2016 can be more meaningful as the themes and designs are properly crafted without compromising on the quality and the key features that are requisite in running a website.

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