destiniy-of-wordpress2015 has witnessed the launching of some of the best plugins for WordPress like WordPress Rest API. Since WordPress development is preferred among many of the web developers, plug-ins that are being released have made WordPress Development, even more, a better place to build websites. As we are reaching the end of the year 2015, we will try to forecast how plug-ins are going to evolve in 2016 and provide a quick sneak peek into the 2016 and years that are to come.

1. Premium Plug-ins: many experts, feel that the premium plug-in market is going to boom in 2016 and years ahead. There have been many commercial Premium Plug-in developers who made big bucks in 2015. Over the past few years, it has been noticed that need for commercial plug-ins is consistently increasing and 2016 might be one of the good years for developers.

2. Leading plug-ins have the capability to become small size platforms: WordPress development is becoming bigger day and day and it will become much bigger in the years to come. However, it is worthwhile to note as well as to presume that some of these individual plug-ins will soon shape into becoming mini-platforms wherein expert developers can experiment and build great websites.

3. App Store for Plug-ins: With the increased number of plug-ins that are created to support WordPress development, it is quite clear that the commercial plug-in market is going to explode and developers and users might find it difficult in terms of searching for the right plug-in, with the launch of Pro-Plugin Directory in 2015, users and developers are able to filter and search for Plugins more easily.

In conclusion, it is very important to understand that the Plugins will play a vital role in helping WordPress development shift more easily from just blogging to an all-purpose CMS.

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