Are you using keywords only to elevate your site in a search or in SEO? If so, you will now realize that you are actually missing out some of the most peculiar ways of getting attention from the target audience. Listed below are some of the extraordinary ways that you can take advantage when using the keywords.

Enhancing your Webpage:

Usage of the keywords in the below-listed portions of the web page can boost your site on the SEO.

  1. Include the keyword in the SEO Title tag or just in case, your CMS does not allow you to alter the SEO title, you can actually include it in the main title. For keyword, this is very much needed for the On-page optimization.
  2. Include the keyword in the filename of at least one of the images and in the ALT text.
  3. It is wise to include the keyword in the Meta description of the page as well while this will definitely not help your site in the process of optimization. But the keywords are bolded when someone searches the keyword and this will capture their attention when they look at your web page.
  4. It is very important to always include the keyword in the first paragraph.
  5. Keywords should appear naturally in few other places of the content.

Content Development: Blogs, videos, as well as podcasts, are some of the ways in which you can actually build content to improvise your ranking on SEO. It is wise to use to build the content based on the keywords. You can do it in two ways:

  1. Create the content first and later include the keywords.
  2. Download the keywords that are used popularly in the industry you do business. And use the most appropriate ones in creating the content.

Social Media Profile: While it is impossible to use the keywords on the SEO Title on your Social Media profiles or the pages, since they are meant to be used only to include your name or that of your business. You can use other elements on your profiles as well as the pages like Bio, categories section to include the keywords.

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