Google has launched its new algorithm which is mobile friendly and is updated on 21st April 2015. It was implemented in order to boost up the mobile-friendly websites on search engines. Businesses that have responsive website design were well favored in the mobile search. Following is a list of facts that you should be aware in order to improve the ranking of your site using responsive website design.

  1. Google rolled out its new mobile friendly algorithm named “Mobilegeddon” in April. All the sites that are mobile friendly ranked well in the mobile SERPS post the update.
  2. On the first three pages, it is observed that there is a decrease in the URL’s that are non-mobile friendly. This indicates that sites that have the best responsive website design are doing pretty well post the update.
  3. While this will definitely affect your sites in mobile searches, it is worthwhile to note that this will not have any adverse effect on the ranking of your site on the desktop searches. However, it is wise to change your website to a mobile responsive site, as this will help in decreasing the bounce rate.
  4. Branded Searches have not seen any major impact. There are quite some big companies who did not have a mobile responsive site, who did pretty well in branded searches. However, they lost rankings when searches were done without including the brand name.
  5. While some of the sites are doing very well post the mobile-friendly update, it is noteworthy to know that the page speed will soon take precedence in elevating the site ranking. It is good to identify this problem at early and make amendments in order to increase the page speed so that the customers can access the websites without any issues.
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