Here's how to always appear on the first page of Google search results -- the search engine ranking advice you need to hear!

To push your company up to the first Google search results page, you’ll need links. While many businesses focus on the quantity of those links, it’s quality that truly determines how you’ll rank. Use our simple tricks to give your company more online exposure.

When it comes to search engine ranking, look for pre-compiled blog lists that relate to your industry. This makes choosing the best ones much easier and hunting down individual links unnecessary. Click on an article with a list of 20 to 50 blogs so you have a good amount of selection. When you find a few sources that are relevant to your business, reach out with an email offering an appealing deal or special offer.

If you want to be more sure you’ve chosen a good blog, use Ahrefs to evaluate the site based on its domain and page authority. It’s best to create a master list or spreadsheet to store the data you find and compare your sources. When you eventually reach out to other bloggers, make sure you’re not being demanding. Allow for some back and forth communication before you ask for a favour, and consider offering something free or discounted in exchange for an honest review.

Testimonials are extremely powerful in the age of sceptical consumers, reaching 92% of internet users and creating 62% more revenue from each buyer with the trust they build. Whenever you like a product or service you’ve paid for, leave a positive review for others to look at and for the company to remember. Customers will see your testimonial and be more likely to try out your company.

Creating scholarship campaigns for students to gain .edu links for your company is a great way to bump up your SEO ranking. Outline the rules and eligibility requirements of the campaign before you broadcast it, using tools like inurl to make the process faster. You could end up spending less than $40 on each link with the scholarship you give away.

Sometimes, well-meaning content creators will mention a brand in an article, video, or social media post, and they’ll forget to add the link to that company’s website. If you’ve experienced this more than once, you’ll benefit from keeping an eye on who mentions your business without linking to your site. Google Alerts can help you detect where your brand name has been used without a link, and you can then send the creator a polite message to add your website’s url to the post.

Featuring your company as an influencer in another company’s content is the final and most effective strategy you can use to increase your Google search ranking and drive traffic to your website. Content creators who make large lists appreciate your help building your description and adding your link, so don’t be shy to request your name and site link in an article. When it comes to links, quality always beats quantity. Be sure to choose good sources every time to improve your SEO, expand your company’s horizons, and rise above your competitors.

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