If you have logged into LinkedIn recently, you’ve probably noticed that things are a little different. You would be right on that front. LinkedIn made a number of changes to their site in recent weeks. These changes are numerous, multifaceted, and certainly significant.
In particular, if you are a marketer, there are several things about these changes that you are going to want to keep in mind.
Breaking Down The Recent LinkedIn Changes
LinkedIn has made several changes, which can make things a little challenging, even confusing for a first-time visitor. You can now find new contacts more easily, interact with a connection more readily, and even write your own posts. These are just a few of the new LinkedIn changes to keep in mind, but there are several additional facets to the subject that marketers are going to want to take note of.
The home page is the first thing you will obviously want to break down. The homepage now looks a good deal cleaner than it used to, making it easier to find the things that you want. The thin, deep teal menu bar in particular is worth noting. The icons are also pretty much the same as the ones used on their mobile app.
The “me” section of your mobile app version of LinkedIn will prove to be similar to what you now have on the main site. One of the few things to stay the same is your timeline.
Remember that the profile section is now known as the me section. Clicking on your “me” icon, you will have the ability to view and edit your profile with a wide range of tools. You can adjust settings, upgrade to premium, and much more. Your background photo has changed, and your profile picture is now circular. Clicking the pen icon will allow you to work on your intro section, keeping in mind that only the first 2 sections will be visible. You can also now take advantage of recommendations that are designed to strengthen your profile. You also have options to add new profile sections as well.
However, the biggest modifications to LinkedIn by far come in the search feature. You will first notice the lack of advanced search options. Don’t worry. You will still have a number of filter options, including level of connections. At the same time, you will want to understand that many of the advanced search features and other elements you had before are no longer available for free. To get the full range of everything the new LinkedIn brings to the table, you will want to sign up for a premium membership.
Notifications now have their own section. You can also check out the changes that have been made to your network.
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