how-did-mobilegeddon-affect-your-search-engine-performance Google makes algorithm updates any time they like. While they may tip end users off on an upcoming update, it is unheard of that they share the specifics that website owners or online marketers really want to know. However, last year Google did just that, when they publically shared that they would be doing the mobile-friendly update that was quickly coined “Mobilegeddon.”

What Did Mobilegeddon Change?

With mobile web browsing having officially surpassed desktop web browsing in most of North America, the remainder of the world is soon to follow. Google saw this shift coming well ahead of time, and decided to change how they rank a websites performance—and essentially boost the performance for website owners who took the time to develop mobile compatible or mobile-friendly website.

Google gave website owners a heads up, so that they would have the time to upgrade their websites. In the meantime, speculation about how the update would affect performance spread like wildfire across the Internet.

Your Performance Changed?

The update was made at the end of April 2015, and now that we are about a year in—it is a perfect time to see how the update has effected your website traffic. There are of course many other factors that affect your traffic and page rank.

It is estimated that about 25% of non-responsive or non-mobile friendly websites upgraded before Mobilegeddon, and another 25% or so since Mobilegeddon. If you have yet to update your website, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Has your mobile traffic increased or decreased?
  • Has the amount of time spent per page increased or decreased?
  • Has your overall ranking or traffic significantly changed?
  • What other website or online marketing changes have you made this year?

While speculations were that the delay in going mobile would deem non-compatible websites irrelevant in mobile search results— almost a full year in we see that is not the case. However, website owners who have yet to go mobile, have almost certainly seen a decline in traffic and page rank.

Is Your Website Mobile Compatible?

You might not know if your website is mobile-friendly, but there is a simple test that all website owners should perform: The Mobile-Friendly Test Tool from Google.

If your website does not pass the mobile-friendly test, or is simply in need of a refresh—Eden P Host is here to assist. We will design a responsive website, that will be an accurate reflection of your business or brand, and the SEO will be built-in. We can even market your business online after your new website is live.

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