loopholes-in-a-websiteWebsites need attention and maintenance regularly in order to perform well or in order to reach their real potential. From the time the web development is completed, the websites are to be analysed to check for any issues or problems. Some of the signs that are encountered can give a lot of information about the present condition of the website and these errors can be fixed or a small web development project should be carried out in case the problem is big.

1. Conversion Rates: Checking your site’s conversion rate can help you understand how well your website is working. If you see a drop in any of the following, it should sound an alarm - Visitors to sales as well as to subscriptions, downloads etc. There might many reasons the site conversion rate is dropping, it will be wise to check all the reasons from content to RSS feeds etc. and amend the same accordingly to boost the conversion.

2. Poor traffic from Search Engine: Getting traffic from the search engine is truly a dream for many. However, having a good SEO in place for the website can boost the traffic from the search engine. However, if the site does not have an SEO setup, it is better to make it an SEO- friendly site. This will eventually increase the traffic with constant posts and updates. Though it takes some time, eventually it will increase.

3. Users are not engaged: Any successful website will use some kind of means to engage the users. However, if there is no content that is engaging the customer, it is time to build content that will help in boosting the SEO as well as increase the traffic onto the site.

These are some of the warning signs or issues that can be identified and fixed at the earliest in order to do well.

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