how-to-improve-social-media-for-ecommerceSMO or Social Media Optimization is very important to support an e-commerce website. It does a lot of good for Businesses like increasing the brand awareness and engaging the clients and helps the businesses in reaching to the potential clients. However, Many of the Businesses is not aware of how powerful SMO actually is and do not use it to fullest. Listed below are four tips of how you can use SMO in boosting your Brand reputation.

Tweet Widgets:

Adding a Tweet widget to your website will be very helpful in enhancing the SMO of your site. This will allow you to communicate with your clients as well as potential customers that might be interested.

Rewards as well as Contests:

Many of the customers like loyalty programs that are linked with rewards. Allowing the customers to access their accounts and providing them with reward points which they can redeem in buying goods or services will make the customers happy. Conducting contests are also one of the many ways to engage the existing customers as well as in finding newer clients and will help in improving the SMO of the Site.

Social Media Login:

Customers prefer logging into the e-commerce portals using their Social Media Accounts. Providing them that option will help them to be connected and this will allow them in easily sharing the goods and services with their family and friends in seeking their opinion and this is a great way to boost the SMO

Facebook & Twitter Advertisements:

It is really good to advertise your merchandise using Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Since each of these platforms cater to millions of people across the globe, it is definitely a golden opportunity to reach them with your products and services.

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