When Facebook first introduced ads to its platform, users didn’t recognize them as ads; they saw them as regular posts. Now that everyone is all too aware of the sponsored posts on their feed, marketers have to watch their step.

Before you create your ad, plan to be honest with your goals and present yourself in a way you know will stand out. Instead of modelling your Facebook ads after those of other companies without knowing if they’ll be effective, choose an unlikely marketing strategy that will increase your uniqueness. Once you’re aware of these tips and are ready to implement them, create and release your ad.

While your ad is posted, look into how many people are seeing it. Facebook updates can prevent ads from loading properly, and if this isn’t an issue, your target audience may be too small for Facebook to concern itself with promoting your ad. Look at your click-through rate next. If it isn’t at least 1%, your ad isn’t particularly effective. Find your landing page conversion rate last, which is typically 30%-40% for effective free offer ads.

Don’t depend solely on the above information to evaluate your marketing campaign - keeping track of your cost per lead is just as important. Track this element of advertising once you’ve begun to pay for your ads. You’ll also need to track your earnings per lead. If this number is less than that of your lead, your ad is working to some degree and you’re obtaining profit.

Focus less on how much money you spend on each individual lead and more on what those leads bring you. Try lead building through first doing a Facebook Live video that’s no more than ten minutes long. Genuine interactions help build lasting relationships and create long-term customers, and video content is currently very popular in the media world. Zero in on one specific problem your company is looking to fix to increase your likeability and credibility.

Many companies benefit from inserting a link in their Facebook Live videos that redirects users to either a content-packed blog post or a new product. If you opt for a blog post, you can entice readers with a content upgrade offer, which requires a name and email address sign-up process. Re-targeting ads will reach those who denied the content upgrade, and they’re often cost-efficient in their video or text format.

Remember that leads aren’t consumers looking for cheap gifts or free merchandise, but rather customers who are interested in your products and content and willing to give you a small portion of their personal information in order to access more of it. Ensure that the people who sign up receive special offers and introductory emails that don’t harass them too much for a few weeks.

Facebook advertising, even with its constant evolution, can be an extremely beneficial tool for businesses looking to expand their marketing audience. Never try to sell a product cold - take the time to connect with your potential customers and you’ll see a vast improvement.

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