Six months into the year is a great time to analyze your company’s marketing content to determine which strategies are helping, which ones are hurting, and which ones seem to be stagnant. If you’re wondering how to handle such a large task, keep a few of these key ideas in mind as you review your results.

Hire a professional writer to speak to internal experts and record the information they hear in a cohesive manner instead of having the internal experts writing content themselves. This way, proofreading and employee hours can be reduced to a reasonable length of time, and the finished product is much more pristine.

Businesses that team up with companies in other markets tend to spend less on marketing campaigns and extend their reach beyond their regular audience. Both companies benefit financially in the long-run, yet so few take advantage of such a strength.

Training employees who are natural public speakers is a great way to give off a good impression at conferences, webinars, and even small-scale events. If you already have one or more, perfect, but if not, it may be a good idea to seek one out. Demonstrating your company’s ideals through public appearances adds to your credibility.

Surprisingly, print media is still relatively popular, even among youth. Magazines are the most common print medium in the business world, and collaborating with another company to either feature in an existing monthly magazine or creating your own could be a prime business opportunity for your company.

Newsletters, whether in print or digital form, are quickly becoming ignored by consumers due to their mediocre content. If you’re determined to create a newsletter or continue producing your current newsletter, review its web design and contents. You may think your audience is taking well to it, but the data may say otherwise. Consider giving your newsletter an overhaul if you’re in this situation.

Zero in on what you’re best at. Spreading yourself too thin could be hurting your company when you intended the opposite. Having a decent reach and satisfying your customers is important, but it’s far better to do one or two things flawlessly than to do several things satisfactorily.

Make sure your marketing team and sales team have a clear line of communication. Having them work independently of one another causes discourse in your advertising, and this is never good in an industry that constantly demands organization. Encourage both teams to work together to improve your marketing results.

Consider investing in audio content. Consumers can easily listen in without stopping what they’re doing, making it more likely that they’ll interact with your promotion material. It’s slowly growing in popularity, so now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity.

There are many other options that you may not have tried, like writing books or holding events that discuss your company’s long term goals and involving employees in future content planning. Whichever strategies you choose, tailor your plan to your industry and make yourself stand out against the competition.

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